Thank you for visiting niassurf.com and considering to stay at The ARICO LOSMEN!

I personally have surfed for over 30 years. 
I have been intrigued with Indonesia since 1979 and have traveled and surfed there for the last 7 years.  You can view some of my surf travels at  Youtube.com / ARICO PRODUCTIONS.


The ARICO LOSMEN is an inspiration from my young teenage grommet days dreaming of traveling and surfing that perfect wave in paradise.  It was that wave discovered by John Geisel and Kevin Lovett in 1975, followed by Erik Aeder's 1978 epic photo of a perfect right hander with a fisherman perched in the channel.  During my travel's to Indonesia in 2003 I befriended a boat deck hand by the name of Damien.  He would eventually become my partner in creating The ARICO LOSMEN.  We did have our setbacks.  The earthquake of December 2004 leveled the foundation we had built, but when the dust settled we began rebuilding in 2006. 

The completion in 2009 is long over due!  Our losman is cleaner, newer and in a quiet setting away from the hustle and bustle on the point.   It is equipped with such modern amenities as private baths, lounge with DVD, ipod station and plasma TV.  Please consider The ARICO LOSMEN for your next  surf vacation.

Safe Travels,

Mark Arico




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